We are trying to figure out which one of these two excursions to checkout. We are interested in the Stingray Snorkeling & Beach Break and the Seahorse Sailing & Snorkeling.

The “Stingray Snorkeling & Beach Break” appears to be one where we basically walk out in the surf and swim with the rays in a fenced in area. About how big is this area and what other kind of fish (if any) will we see? I understand they are de-barbed and we can feed them. Knowing the mouths are underneath the body, how much do we really “feed” them other than dropping the food near them? (It’s not like they can come up and take the food out of your hands).

On the Seahorse Snorkeling, I understand the way I read it, this is one where we go out in a boat and we basically snorkel “in the wild” from the boat. First and foremost, how big is the boat and what is the water normally like. I understand that the weather conditions change at a moment’s notice so what is a glass-like surface today might be rough seas tomorrow. But in beginning of July, (barring any storms) how is the water? My concern is that on a small boat in traditional waves I tend to get seasick. I went deep sea fishing off Ocean City, Maryland and while I was fine going out and coming in, the stationary part of the trip was horrible for me. I do have Marezine I might take beforehand if we chose this excursion.

The other question about this particular excursion is a hard question, so I guess I am looking for estimates or generalizations. I understand we are going to get in the water from the boat, so obviously it is not shallow water. For those that have been on this excursion, how deep would you say the water is? Does the boat go to a coral shelf and we swim around that or are we in deeper water? If we are in deeper water, how deep (approximately) and how is the visibility in the deeper waters?

Last question for those who have done both – if you had to do one of them over again, which one would you chose? The time and the cost is identical (short of 30 minutes) so neither of that is a factor. We had originally decided to snorkel on Cococay and just “tour” Nassau, but there is really nothing except “shore” snorkeling on Cococay. While we will still snorkel there, we are looking to do that in the morning at Nassau, get back to the boat, clean up, grab some chow and then hit the market / Queens staircase / Bacardi Distillery (?) / Other things that have our interest – in the afternoon.

Lastly, a question about snorkeling on Cococay. I went out for the first time this “season” in the Atlantic (North-East Florida) and experienced a bad undertow (which was amplified with 2 foot fins on my feet) – and the waves were, I don’t want to say brutal, but they weren’t fun. I fought with them for about 100 yards or so and never really got past them. Barring any weather systems when we are there, how are the currents (waves, undertow, etc) when trying to snorkel from the shore at Cococay? Everything I have heard and read is that it is virtually “waveless” – similar to a glass-like surface. Is this pretty much accurate, or will I be in for another workout? (Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, I lost a pound snorkeling this past weekend ). . .

Thanks in advance. . .