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Thread: Parking at Miami Port for NCL Cruise

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    Parking at Miami Port for NCL Cruise

    I have never driven to a port before,my question ,is the port close to the ship.and how much do they charge per day.

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    Hey depalk! Welcome to our friendly cruise community!

    I have moved your post over here to the Miami forum where you will get more Miami specific info. :thumb;

    I have two links for you with information about the Port of Miami.

    Miami-Dade County - Port of Miami parking map
    Click on the map itself and it will open up in PDF and you can size it large enough to read all the details.

    Miami-Dade County - Port of Miami directions and parking
    The parking AT the pier is rather pricey!

    Parking is available in facilities located in front of individual cruise terminals. No reservations are required to park at the Port of Miami. Long-term parking for a regular vehicle occupying a single space is $20 per day. Short term parking is $7.00 if you are coming to see someone off but, not intended for overnight parking. All Cruises in the current itineraries would fall under Long Term Parking.

    Perhaps some folks will come along and give you some alternatives.

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