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Love the Oasis!

Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas (February 2014) by ametrinel

My husband and I had this booked for months and he was laid off in October. We decided to go ahead and take the cruise to try to clear our heads and figure out what steps we take next. This was our second time on the Oasis. Our cabin (balcony, Deck 7) was well laid out. There is plenty of storage available and your suitcases slide under the bed ea...

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Back to back cruising

Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas (April 2013) by Baw079

We travelled to the Caribbean to complete east & west back to back cruises. We felt travelling that distance for seven nights would not give us time to recover from jet lag, and so it was. We were on deck eleven at the rear starboard side of the ship. The cabin was one of the largest we have had and we always get an outside cabin with balcony. There...

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Oasis of the Seas - Itself a Destination

Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas (September 2012) by glomarrone

Although the sheer size of the ship intimidates many passengers, I absolutely loved all the extra amenities and options. The Oasis is so massive that it feels like you are at a large hotel or resort rather than on a ship. We never felt the movement of the ship. When we booked our cruise, we did not even look at the ship's itinerary. We just wante...

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Oasis of the Seas (take 2)

Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas (February 2012) by sk8erguy1978

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Oasis of the Seas Thanksgiving Cruise

Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas (December 2011) by moviegal

CABINS The best cabin I've ever had on any cruise ship, period! We had a balcony room (10278) which had the good layout with the bed by the balcony door so we had plenty of room to access our closet. The bathroom is well laid out and felt spacious, and the balcony was the largest we've ever had. The balcony was wide AND deep and extremely roomy. I a...

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