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Transocean Tours is a cruise line that has been established for over 50 years, priding itself on quiet refinement and ambitious destinations, even doing tours of Antarctica during the southern summer.
There are 3 cruise ships but only one, the Marco Polo, dedicated to the British market. Although this vessel has been vigorously updated, the atmosphere remains traditional, though informal. With tiffany ceilings, teak decks and 1920s-style dancing in the Charleston Club, the onboard experience is a throwback to the golden age of ocean liners. And, although de luxe cabins are available, many passengers actually prefer the standard ones with their traditional portholes.
Leisure facilities tend to be sedate, with a well-stocked and quiet library and an oriental spa. No special provisions are made for children, so a Transocean cruise tends to be a strictly adult affair! Sophistication, rather than fun, is the order of the day.

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