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Launched 1st Sep 1999


Occupancy 450
Tonnage 28437
Length Unknown
Total crew 264
Space ratio 63.2

Indulgence - Dining with EUROPA's Best

To: Europe

Charity - Exquisite Indulgence

To: Europe

Discoveries - Gems of the Mediterranean

To: Mediterranean

Caribbean Cheerfulness at the Start of December

To: Europe, Transatlantic

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  • Europa Restaurant
  • Lido Cafe
  • Restaurant Oriental
  • Restaurant Venezia


  • Auditorium
  • Clipper Lounge
  • Club Belvedere
  • Europa Lounge
  • Havannah Bar
  • Piano Bar
  • Sansibar

Health and Fitness

  • Fitness Center And Gym
  • Golf Simulator
  • Japanese Bath
  • Massage Room
  • Sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Swimming Pool


  • Gallery
  • Kid's Club
  • Library
  • Shopping Boutique
  • Youth Center


  • Naturist Area

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45 Cruises for Europa

Indulgence - Dining with EUROPA's Best Europe

Charity - Exquisite Indulgence Europe

Discoveries - Gems of the Mediterranean Mediterranean

Caribbean Cheerfulness at the Start of December Europe, Transatlantic

Sunny Beginning of the Year near the Equator Far East & Indian Ocean

Central America - The Secrets of the Rainforest North America, Central America

Nature - En Route to the Polar Circle Scandinavia, Polar Regions

Black Sea - On the Trail of the Czars Black Sea

Asia – Festive Season in the Land of Smiles Far East & Indian Ocean

Transatlantic-Relaxation in Rhythm with the Waves Transatlantic

Magnificent Nature at the Other End of the World Pacific

Australia – Continent of Contrasts Pacific, Australasia

Gala Cruise - From Riviera to Riviera Europe

Sensory Worlds - Majestic Impressions of Britannia United Kingdom

Far East – The Magic of the Unknown Far East & Indian Ocean

Birthday – Celebrate the Art of Travelling Europe

Indonesia – On the Trails of Religious Belief Far East & Indian Ocean

Persian Gulf - The Fascination of the Desert State Middle East

Mediterranean - Symphony of Cultures Mediterranean, Europe

Charity Event -A Midsummer Night's Dream:Big Europ Baltic

Norway – Peaceful fjords and overwhelming nature Scandinavia

In the Land of Unlimited Possibilities North America, Pacific, Hawaii

Middle East – Encounters Like In 1001 Nights Middle East

Coastal Tour– Pay the North A Fleeting Visit Europe

North Sea - Sylt's Savoir Vivre Europe

Norway - The Calmness of the Fjords Scandinavia

Introductory Cruise - New Routes Through the South Mediterranean

Springtime - La Dolce Vita Mediterranean, Europe

Baltic Sea Splendour –Between Historic Glory&Moder Baltic

Highlights-Anniversary Cruise along Europe's Coast Europe

Baltic Sea - Magnificent Traces of the Past Baltic

Flair - The Dream Coasts of the Mediterranean Europe

Middle East – Encounters Like In 1001 Nights Middle East

Middle East – Encounters Like In 1001 Nights Middle East

Green Islands - Regal Days around Great Britain United Kingdom

Antiquity - Great History in the Mediterranean Cou Middle East, Mediterranean

Coastal Tour – Nordic Summit: MS EUROPA meets Sans Europe

Nature – A World Between Fire and Ice Scandinavia

Czar Magic – Majestic Splendour at the Baltic Sea Baltic

Italy - Cultural Indulgence in the South: the Ocea Mediterranean

Temperament - The Allure of the South Europe

South Pacific – Exotic Time under Palm Trees Pacific, Hawaii

Autumn Music – Romantic Flair of Bygone Centuries Europe

Caribbean - Pre-Christmas Period under Palm Trees Caribbean

Central America – Of Pyramids and Parrots North America, Central America, South America