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Launched 31st Dec 1996


Occupancy 868
Tonnage 28613
Length 673
Total crew 330
Space ratio 33.0

World Voyage-Buenos Aires To Lima

To: South America

Adriatic Cruise

To: Mediterranean, Iberia

Buenos Aires To Lima

To: South America


To: Baltic

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  • Braemar Garden Cafe
  • Glentanar Restaurant
  • Marquee Pool Bar
  • Orchid Room


  • Braemar Lounge
  • Casino
  • Lido Lounge
  • Marina Theater
  • Neptune Lounge
  • Pipers Bar
  • The Observatory

Health and Fitness

  • Atlantis Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Golf
  • Marquee Pool And Jacuzzis
  • Sauna
  • Stern Pool Area
  • Tennis Court


  • Children's Room
  • Deck Quoits
  • Games Arcade
  • Shops


  • Card Room
  • Explorers Library

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38 Cruises for Black Watch

World Voyage-Buenos Aires To Lima South America

Adriatic Cruise Mediterranean, Iberia

Buenos Aires To Lima South America

Baltic Baltic

UK & Ireland United Kingdom

Greenland & Iceland Scandinavia, Transatlantic, Polar Regions

Lapland / Baltic Scandinavia, Baltic

Mini Cruise Europe

Red Sea Middle East, Mediterranean, Iberia

Iberia Iberia

Southampton To Lima South America, Transatlantic

Christmas Markets Europe

Baltic Baltic

UK & Ireland United Kingdom

Canary Islands Christmas Canaries

Western Mediterranean Mediterranean, Iberia

Southampton To Buenos Aires South America, Transatlantic, Canaries

Canary Islands Canaries

Norway & Iceland Scandinavia

Spain & Portugal Mediterranean, Iberia

Lima To Southampton South America, Transatlantic, Caribbean

Canary Islands Canaries

Around Uk United Kingdom

Around South America South America, Transatlantic, Canaries

Festive Flanders Mini Cruise Europe

North Cape & Russia Scandinavia

Norway Scandinavia

Greek Isles & Turkey Middle East, Mediterranean

Relaxing Caribbean Transatlantic, Caribbean, Canaries

Norway Scandinavia

Mediterranean Classics Middle East, Mediterranean, Iberia

France & Guernsey Europe, United Kingdom

Norway & Iceland Scandinavia

North Cape Scandinavia

Norway Scandinavia

Canary Islands Iberia, Canaries

Greenland & Iceland Scandinavia, Polar Regions

Black Sea Adventure Black Sea, Middle East, Mediterranean