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Launched 31st Dec 1996


Occupancy 868
Tonnage 28613
Length 673
Total crew 330
Space ratio 33.0

Spain & Portugal

To: Mediterranean, Iberia

Around South America

To: Canaries, Transatlantic, South America

North Cape

To: Scandinavia

Norway & Iceland

To: Scandinavia

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  • Braemar Garden Cafe
  • Glentanar Restaurant
  • Marquee Pool Bar
  • Orchid Room


  • Braemar Lounge
  • Casino
  • Lido Lounge
  • Marina Theater
  • Neptune Lounge
  • Pipers Bar
  • The Observatory

Health and Fitness

  • Atlantis Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Golf
  • Marquee Pool And Jacuzzis
  • Sauna
  • Stern Pool Area
  • Tennis Court


  • Children's Room
  • Deck Quoits
  • Games Arcade
  • Shops


  • Card Room
  • Explorers Library

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38 Cruises for Black Watch

Spain & Portugal Mediterranean, Iberia

Around South America Canaries, Transatlantic, South America

North Cape Scandinavia

Norway & Iceland Scandinavia

Canary Islands Canaries

Red Sea Mediterranean, Iberia, Middle East

Adriatic Cruise Mediterranean, Iberia

Norway Scandinavia

Lapland / Baltic Baltic, Scandinavia

Lima To Southampton Caribbean, Transatlantic, South America

UK & Ireland United Kingdom

Christmas Markets Europe

Baltic Baltic

Iberia Iberia

Mini Cruise Europe

UK & Ireland United Kingdom

Western Mediterranean Mediterranean, Iberia

Norway & Iceland Scandinavia

Greenland & Iceland Polar Regions, Scandinavia

Norway Scandinavia

Relaxing Caribbean Canaries, Caribbean, Transatlantic

Buenos Aires To Lima South America

World Voyage-Buenos Aires To Lima South America

Southampton To Buenos Aires Canaries, Transatlantic, South America

Canary Islands Christmas Canaries

Mediterranean Classics Mediterranean, Iberia, Middle East

Greek Isles & Turkey Mediterranean, Middle East

North Cape & Russia Scandinavia

Around Uk United Kingdom

Southampton To Lima Transatlantic, South America

France & Guernsey Europe, United Kingdom

Festive Flanders Mini Cruise Europe

Greenland & Iceland Polar Regions, Scandinavia, Transatlantic

Baltic Baltic

Norway Scandinavia

Canary Islands Canaries

Canary Islands Canaries, Iberia

Black Sea Adventure Mediterranean, Middle East, Black Sea