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Thread: Golden Princess Deck Plans Pros and Cons

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    Golden Princess Deck Plans Pros and Cons

    Here is a place to start listing the Pros and Cons of each Deck on the Golden Princess!
    Please list like this:

    The Caribe Deck Balconies (regular balcony cabins) are Bigger than the Mini Suite's Balconies on the Dolphin Deck
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    Here is what I have read and opinions I have formulated.

    We actually have not been on the Golden yet, we sail Oct. 13, 2007. But maybe to spur on some input into this thread here is what I have learned through Princesses web site and message boards.

    Plaza: The lowest cabin deck containing ocean view and interior double cabins.
    Pro's? Lower decks provide less motion so good for someone prone to motion sickness. Lower decks are least expensive to book. (thinking of the Motel 6 commercial: (black TV screen) this is the more expensive room with the light out and this is motel 6-they look the same; we'll leave the light on for you. If all you plan on doing is dressing and sleeping in the cabin who needs space or a view.
    Con's? Don't know of any accept some referances to noise from the stage is possible.

    Emerald: This deck is just above all the interior public rooms. This deck has a few interior cabins, Oceanview, Oceanview with Balcany, Suites and Mini Suites.
    Pro's? Close to all the interior activities. The Mini suites on this deck have covered balconies.
    Con's? Life boats obstruct the view of many of the cabins.

    Dolphin: This deck has interior, Oceanview, Mini Suites, Suites, and Family Suite cabins.
    Pro's? Larger Balconies (not counting big suites)
    Con's? The Balconies are uncovered and visible to balconies above. This could be a pro to some people.

    Caribe:This deck has interior, Oceanview and Suite cabins.
    Pro's? The balconies are larger. Balconies are partcially covered.
    Con's? People in the balconies above you can look down on you.

    Baja: This deck has Interior, Oceanview with Balcony, Suites, and Grand suite.
    Pro's? Suites and Grand suites located aft provide excellant views and are less windy then balconies located on the port or starboard side of the ship.
    Con's? Small balconies.

    Aloha: This deck has interior, Oceanview with portholes, Oceanview Balcony cabins.
    Pro's? Great access to teh terrace pool and one deck below outdoor areas and the buffet.
    Con's? Small balconies.

    Lido: This deck has minimal # of cabins consisting of interior and ocenaview cabins.
    Pro's? Conveniently located near the pools and Horizon Court Buffet. Balconies are more private noone can look down onto you.
    Con's? Small balconies

    info found on another boards.
    Golden Princess has an impressive number of outside cabins with balconies: 711. The balconies are larger on the Caribe and Dolphin Decks than on the Baja Deck. But, from the Baja Deck you can look down and see passengers on their Caribe and Dolphin Deck balconies and from the Caribe Deck you can see those on the Dolphin Deck. So be careful which deck you choose, or what you do. (The couple cuddling in their nighttime attire two decks below us probably forgot we had a good view.) As long as we're on the subject, many of the mid-ship and forward balconies are visible from the bridge, so remember: Unlike on some other ships, you're not as alone on your balcony as you may think.

    The bathrooms are bigger in the minisuite (tub vs. shower stall). We were upgraded to the mini-suite, but weren't impressed enough to spend extra to get one in the future.

    Personally, we like to book the BB balcony cabin on the Caribe Deck. The balcony is about 9x9. Sure it lacks the larger bathroom and sitting area, but I'd rather have a bigger balcony. It all comes down to what's important to you.

    Caribe deck cabins on starboard and port sides are sized 9 ft wide x 9 ft. deep and are covered by ceiling overhang for first 5 ft. When sitting under this cover, no one from above can see you.

    On the Dolphin deck, all the balconies are open. Folks can look down on you. Some folks think that is NG, but it does not bother me at all. In fact I like it. Clean, clear views 360 deg.

    If you're on Dolphin Deck the balcony will be totally uncovered. If you're on Emerald Deck, the balcony will be covered. As far as I know, (and I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong ), the only partially covered balconies are the balcony cabins on Caribe deck.

    For Grand Class Princess ships ( Grand, Golden, Sapphire, Diamond, Star, Caribbean, Crown and new Emerald) - regular balcony cabins on port or starbord side of ships on decks Lido, Aloha, Baja, Riviera decks are sized 9 ft. wide x 5 ft. deep and are fully covered by ceiling overhang. No one can look down on you but those below can look up at you if you are standing at balcony rail.

    Caribe deck cabins on starboard and port sides are sized 9 ft wide x 9 ft. deep and are covered by ceiling overhang for first 5 ft. When sitting under this cover, no one from above can see you.

    Dolphin deck (mini-suite) cabins on starboard and port sides are sized 9 ft. wide x 7 ft. deep and have no ceiling overhang. No privacy from those standing on balconies above you.

    Aft facing Category BB balconies on Baja decks, Caribe deck and Dolphin are regular balcony cabins but the balconies are sized about 11 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep and are fully covered by ceiling overhang. No one above or below can see you.

    Photo's of the Golden
    Golden Princess - Interiors: 04/22/07 pictures from cruises photos on webshots
    Golden Princess - Exteriors: 04/22/07 pictures from cruises photos on webshots
    More photo's
    Golden Princess - Mexican Riviera Port Pictures: 04/22/07 pictures from cruises photos on webshots

    Please add some pros and cons to this.

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    Going on Golden on 12/15/07. We were most impressed by Celebrity Constellation, but also RCL and Renaissance. How does the food on Golden compare? Sounds like alot of pizza and burgers, No sushi?

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    Hey Milla

    Welcome to the friendliest cruise forum on the internet! We may be new (2 years old)....we may be small (we are growing every day)...but we make up for it in quality!

    I hope some of our members will be able to answer your questions.

    Do come over to the Introduce Yourself board and ....well, introduce yourself! Here is the link--> Introduce Yourself!

    Explore and you will find a lot of interesting topics and fellow cruisers.

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    Wanted to go to Hawaii from LA (where I live-don't want to fly)in Oct. Travel Agent recommended Golden Princess on Dolphin deck(saying mini suites were covered), Then I remembered she booked me three years ago on Sapphire Princess (wasn't a memorable experience) to Mexico and the balconies were not covered and open to all above. Love Celebrity, its two story dining room, martini lounge, etc but would have to go from Ensenada or San Diego
    Think I'd be making a mistake on Princess if I can find accomodations on say Caribe deck?
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    Hey orink

    Welcome to CLF....the friendliest cruise community on the internet!

    You are correct in saying that the mini suites are NOT covered on the Dolphin deck. Your TA needs to do her homework! There are 12 mini suites on the Emerald deck that ARE completely covered....also partially covered balconies (not mini suites) on the Caribe deck.

    Look at the deck plans and see what is available. Hawaii is an awesome itinerary...been there 3 times!

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    We sailed on the Golden Princess Caribe deck (class BA) just before Christmas last year. I wrote a review of our cruise on this website. Yes, our balcony was just partially covered, so if you are uncomfortable with that, I guess that would be a valid reason to look for other ships. For us, it worked out just fine. Still our balcony was extra large size and we enjoyed it immensely! Never saw any one else staring our way though so we never felt uncomfortable. As far as Celebrity goes, I'm a big fan of them too! We're booked on Millenium 12/07/08 out of Sydney for 14 days. If I were in your shoes, I would pick Millenium over the Golden Princess by a slight edge, but if the choice was the older Mercury or Golden, I'd probably choose the Golden.

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    We sailed on the Golden Princess to Alaska last year and the food was excelent and there was plenty of shusi if you want it. It was one of the best cruises we have been on
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    Great Info...yes a fantastic cruise forum.
    Happy Cruising, Buil,

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