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Thread: What to do if it rains on your cruise?

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    What to do if it rains on your cruise?

    What do you do if it rains on your cruise?

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    We had a very rainy cruise last October that was rare!! Usually that happens in the spring!! It didn't stop many from going into port, most had panchos rather than umbrellas!! There are many covered areas on the ship to sit on, and still get the fresh air and people watch and tons to do inside!! Not a biggie for us!!
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    A trip to the spa is a nice diversion from the rain. There's usually a steam room, sauna and whirlpool in the spa that are free to use. Nice big showers too.


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    We have had rain on many of our cruises. During on where you're going, the rain may just last a short time. Or get worse.

    You may need to be prepared for a shore excursion to be cancelled due to weather conditions (if you're not booking thru the cruiseline, it's a good idea to make sure there's a good cancellation policy in case of weather or even if you can't get into the port).

    Make sure an umbrella (ponchos, hats, too) is on your packing list, no matter where you're going.

    If it rains on a sea day, you may find the gym or other activities pretty crowded. On our last two cruises, there was a covered pool with a retractable roof for sunny days. Great for rainy or cool-weather cruises.
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    Rex ... You are going to be cruising on your HONEYMOON! Feel certain you'll think of something!

    Seriously, some cruise lines are better at providing ADDITIONAL "Rainy Day" activities than others.

    We normally enjoy being on the open deck ... by the pool/ pool bar. Bad weather just gives us an opportunity to check out some of the other activities offered.
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    If on a port day we usually go into port, wearing a poncho, hate umbrellas and don't bring one along.
    On sea days I still walk around the outside decks, just don't sit. Like LuLu, I will take part in the indoor activities I usually don't have time for because I am outside by the pool. Sometimes I'll read, and then there is the casino and bingo!
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    Get wet.
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    If you're like me you go on deck no matter what the weather. Watching the pools create huge ways is always fun. Sometimes going in the pool when it's stormy is fun too. I did that once. Also, going up on the top deck during storms is exciting too. Very windy up there. Well, that's what I do when it rains.

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    Wear a Hat and Rain Coat

    Wear a hat and a rain coat...

    I know that seems a little trite, but we had rain in both Alaska and Hawaii.

    In Ketchican we had that misty rain that hangs around all day. Our TA had sent us HAL rain slickers as a bon voyage gift, so we wore those. We visitied a little gift shop and bought me an "Alaska" Baseball cap. This was perfect.

    In Hawaii we got hit with a scattered showere while waiting in line for our tour tickets to the AZ Memorial. This was quite a heavy rain, and we just stuck in out. I had a big straw hat on that got very wilted, but other than that I was fin. A pancho would have helped out that day.

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    We always have our books to read and a game to play. That and just being at sea is entertainment enough for us!

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