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Thread: Possible Norovirus outbreak on Celebrity Summit

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    Possible Norovirus outbreak on Celebrity Summit

    It has recently been reported, via announcement on the ship, that a small number of passengers aboard the Celebrity Summit have com down with what appears to be Nororvirus. The announcement was followed by a letter from the Captain in each cabin last night stating that there have been “an elevated number of people onboard who experienced a gastrointestinal illness commonly known as a norovirus.”

    The crew on board are going to extraordinary lengths to prevent further illness. It has been reported that dining rooms are staffed with greeters holding disinfectant gel, soda and bar stations have been closed, salt and pepper shakers removed, and offering complimentary consultations for any passenger feeling ill.

    If you want to read a little more about it, you can go here: Norovirus Hits a Small Number of Celebrity Summit Passengers in mid-Atlantic | Travel Blog - Zippy Reviews

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    That's too bad! I have friends on that sailing....hope they are keeping well.

    Hopefully, with the precautions being taken, the number of sick folks will not increase.

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    cover your face when you caugh and/or sneeze and......please you wash your hands and face often...

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