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Thread: Caymen Turtle Farm

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    Caymen Turtle Farm

    is much different than when I first visited it. It has moved and grown up.

    and is more than turtles

    Lots of pictures here:

    Georgetown, Grand Cayman
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    Page3 - Cayman Turtle Farm, Male Red-Legged Honeycreeper, Turtle Lagoon, Flowers, Lockers, Nature Trail, Schooner's Bar and Grill, Iguana, Turtle Breeding Pond,
    Page4 - Cayman Turtle Farm, Coconuts, Dolphin Discovery, Cemetery, Peace Memorial, Library, Royal Watler, Carnival Magic, Tender,
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    I was just about to post some pictures of it since I am updating my last cruise with more pictures.

    From what our guide said, it was almost totally destroyed during one of the hurricanes so they moved it a bit further inland. Really a class operation.

    Here are a few pictures that I took of the place. The first is the doors entering the facilities. The second shows some of the pools. Next is a rooster that was the star attraction. He was a camera hog and loved having pictures taken of him.

    The last three pictures are of three sizes of turtles. The last one was deadly. He kept slapping me with his flippers and I could not get him to stop. My wife thought it was funny. Our tour guide had to come rescue me.

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    Really a fun spot to visit while your in the Caymans.
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