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Thread: Hair Blow Dryers on Paradise

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    Question Hair Blow Dryers on Paradise

    Was reading on one site that said Carnival Paradise did not have hair blow dryers in the cabins? Is this true? Do I take mine or not?
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    Mech.. I've not been on the Paradise, so I can't say for sure... However, I have been on a lot of ships and most of the newer ones (1996 +) have them.. However, a lot of them leave a lot to be desired, so I always take ours, just in case.. The below link doesn't say for sure, but then it doesn't mention a small refridge either.. Call the Toll Free number and ask them... Bombero

    Hi Carnival Cruise Lines - Staterooms

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    Bombero is right, even if they have them they are not strong and will take a long time to dry!! Easier to just take your own, You won't be sorry!!:
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    But if it is the Caribbean, won't your hair be damp as soon as you step outside again anyway
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    At this time (2012) Carnival Paradise still does not have hairdryers in the can supposedly ask the cabin steward for one, but to be safe you may want to bring one.
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