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Thread: Carnival stateroom for family of 5?

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    Carnival Liberty 5 person cabins

    How can I get something like this for Carnival Liberty?

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterCreamGirl View Post
    Carnival Paradise 5 Person Cabins

    Empress Deck-

    Riviera Deck-
    Oceanview Cabins-

    Main Deck-
    Interior Cabins-
    M68,M72,M76,M80,M84,M88,M92,M96,M67,M71,M75,M79,M8 3,M87,M91,M95
    Oceanview Cabins-

    Veranda Deck-
    Interior Cabins- ?
    Suites- ?

    Upper Deck-
    Interior Cabins-
    U196,U200,U204,U208,U216,U220,U207,U211,U217,U221, U229,U233
    Oceanview Cabin-
    U178,U182,U186,U190,U194,U198,U189,U193,U197,U201, U205,U209,U219
    U69,U73,U75,U79,U83,U87,U89,U93,U97,U101,U103,U107 ,U111,U115,U70,U74,U76,U80,U84,U88,U92,U96

    This list is not exhaustive. There are interior, oceanview cabins on every bookable level with 5 person occupancy except the Verandah deck. These just happen to be all that were available for my cruise. The 5 person rooms are situated with two twin beds on the floor and two more (bunkbed) twin beds directly above those; for the fifth person you get a bed rolled into the cabin. All rooms on this ship are 185 sq ft until you get into the suite category. All balconied cabins on this ship are considered "suites."

    So if you have little kids this would be a cheap option but with 5 teens/adults, this space would get crazy tight. I think that the best place to book is on Orbitz. You can pick your type of cabin based on price and then you can pick which room on the ship you want. You get a floorplan/layout of the ship which tells the maximum occupancy of each room and this is most helpful.

    There is "make payment" option on Orbitz. You can make payments ovetime but they do require a deposit per person. The deposit is different for every cruise line and varies depending on the length of cruise. The deposit is substantial and has been more than half the total cost of the cruise in my experience; so be prepared for that.

    You can't book for 5 online so just book and pay for four and if you select a 5 person cabin, you can add the fifth person later by calling.

    The Verandah deck is only accessible from the forward elevators and has very few cabins on it. I would recommend this deck if you can afford it, but these rooms go fast.

    There are so many different categories to choose from! Basically the higher decks are more money. The interior are cheaper than oceanview or balconies. So if your poor and trashy like me. I recommend an interior cabin on the higher levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srapena View Post
    How can I get something like this for Carnival Liberty?
    to clf
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    Quote Originally Posted by ButterCreamGirl View Post
    I think that the best place to book is on Orbitz
    I definitely disagree with that one - if you have any problems or need assistance you'll be talking to someone who is not an agent, works in a call center, has never been on a cruise, and has no personal knowledge of the ships or ports of call. Since Carnival requires everyone to sell the same cruise for the same price, it makes sense to utilize the service of an agent who can help you through the entire process. You can either call Orbitz and talk to an 'order taker' or talk to an agent who has a great deal of first-hand knowledge you can use for free. And since they charge nothing for their service, it's a no-brainer.

    And as for booking cabins for 5, it's best to work with an agent who can find you the best cabins for the best price, taking into account the location as well as what's above you, below you, and beside you to insure an overall pleasant experience. Let them do the work for you so you don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srapena View Post
    How can I get something like this for Carnival Liberty?
    Welcome to

    We have a great Carnival Liberty deal running here: (FEATURED DEAL: 7 Night W. Caribbean from $52 per night.)

    Also- I'd strongly suggest booking with an agency like the one above or one of the many agents that frequent the boards and display the knowledge you're looking for.

    Let us know what you find!
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    Any Carnival ship built year 2000 or before, you can put 5 people in a quad. If the TA doesnt know this basic info .... Id book direct with Carnival.

    All Fantasy class ships, Destiny, Triumph yes to 5 in a quad.

    These ships were grandfathered in when the rules were changed.

    You dont need a list of which cabins are quads to figure out which cabins will work.

    Conquest class, other than the one fancy suite on one ship, sorry you cannot book 5 into a quad. (sorry srapena)

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