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Thread: Nassau/Freeport - Best Non Cruise sponsored Excursions

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    Nassau/Freeport - Best Non Cruise sponsored Excursions

    Hi All,
    Wanted to hear about any non-cruiseline sponsored excursion you have take in Freeport and/or Nassau. Going in Nov to both places and have decided to skip any of the Cruiseline excursions and go at it on my own

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    When we visited Nassau in Feb. 04, we booked a dolphin encounter. It was neat, but I think you could have gotten a better deal not going thru the cruiseline. (It seems it was about $94 a person) I think you could have booked one where you actually swim with the dolphins (not available thru the ship). The other thing we did, which was on our own, was go to the Atlantis. We just took a taxi (which was an experience) both ways & it was much cheaper than if we had booked it thru the cruiseline. Also, we stayed at the Atlantis as long as we wanted. At night, if you're sneaky enough, or get lucky like we did, we wandered into "the dig". Didn't cost us a thing. But during the day, I think it costs around $25 to go thru it.

    We visit Nassau again in a couple of weeks, & we still don't have any plans set in concrete as to what we'll do. I'm anxious to see what others have done, recommend & what it cost them.
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    We are visiting Nassau in October, will only be there for 6 hours total.

    We're thinking of taking a water taxi to and from Atlantis for the view, and then have been told one can catch the bus to a hotel with a wonderful beach. Or, since kids are with us may do the Pirated museum. Is this doable without rushing around like nuts?

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    If you want to see Atlantis taking a taxi it is much faster.

    Avoid having lunch in Atlantis. It will cost you and arm and a leg with a couple of kids.

    I think it is a cool resort and was glad I went to see it but there is not much for the kids except the dig or paying $$$$ to use the beach area. I haven't been to the Pirates Museum, but it sounds like something kids would like.

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